About Us

Short Story About Our Company

GB Tech Corp is a technology company that works on Information and Operations technologies. We have a team of experts working in different domains like web development, mobile app development, big data, data science, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning.

We serve from top corporate clients to small-scale industries and end-users, but our support and service remain the same for all. We believe that our happy team brings smiles and joy to our clients through our services.

We started GB Tech Labs in 2020 to offer real-time solution-driven training to create a skillful workforce. We train on what we work with so students can get training with real-world solution implementations. Also as an IT company, we recruit directly from our institute, so students have a good opportunity to work with us.

Advantage of an IT company running a Training Institute

As a company, we have 9+ years of experience in the IT domain with more the 5000+ clients across India.
  • Get Trained by experts working in the same domain
  • Get a chance to meet and interact with seniors who can share their knowledge
  • Working on real-time companies projects or services
  • Direct Placement opportunity so you can work with us
  • Internship and Placement training that is more reliable

"Let's start working on our companies projects"

You can work on our team time projects such as Web/Mobile Apps or on the IT/IOT Services that we offer for our clients .

What Special About Us

We are unique in the market.
Different Domains

We have a wide range of domain expertise ranging from web development platforms to big data experts. So quires on technology can be addressed on time.

New Technology

We always explore and adopt the latest tech to meet the evergrowing market needs. So you can ensure to get the latest tech training form us.

Client Needs

As a solution provider, we understand the client's requirements or problems and draft the exact solution. For we have certain models and algorithms, so you have the opportunity to understand the same.


As a software company with more than 9+ years of domain expertise, we constantly evolve based on market needs, so in this journey, we have our vision in GB Tech Labs, so we organize meetup and consultation with students to understand the current market need to shape their career

Meet with Our Best Experts

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